What TexGrown Believes When We Say – Be Bold

inspirational Texas TShirtsBeing bold means so many things.  Often, we think of the tough guy that has the courage to be in the movies and conquer the bad guys.  We set images by Hollywood or certain statements and culture of what it means to be bold.

But when you are TexGrown bold, everything is different.  Being bold doesn’t mean you have to be a superhero or jump across bridges.

Being bold is being you.  Your authentic self.  It means that you step up every day and you are fearless in what you feel and believe.  When you are that authentic, you become bold.

Sometimes, the most difficult thing we can do is to just be ourselves.  To be that bold and fearless being that simply wears our lives on our sleeves.  It becomes simple to fall into the crowds, to be normal, dress normal and to hide behind what we think is acceptable or makes us fit in.

When we are bold, we give ourselves permission to step outside of the box.  We no longer have to think we need to wear what everyone else wears, take the same route that we’ve always taken or fall into line with what is accepted because someone else did it.

When we are bold, we find those things in and around us that are us.  We find those authentic and meaningful parts of ourselves that becomes the most important.  We are able to step into our clothing, our lives and our desire to do things and live that way, knowing that it is us.

When we do that, we find that it allows us to do amazing things.  Our be bold model for our inspirational Texas tshirts, Dylan, found himself being authentic by stopping a bully.  There are stories of others who make a decision to follow a dream that may not make sense to anyone else.  That boldness may even come from deciding to take a risk, follow a desire or to simply do what no one else would do.

Each person is bold.  All of us are authentic.

That’s what makes us TexGrown.

This month, we celebrate your boldness.  Take 25% off our inspirational Texas t-shirts to show who you really are.