We Dress to Inspire,

Not to Impress

Our story

TexGrown is a fashion line of trendy inspirational shirts and Texas proud clothing. But, this is not about us. TexGrown is about you. We want to empower you to feel amazing about yourself and have the courage to be whatever you’ve always wanted to be.

Our search for a clothing line that exemplifies our personalities with comfort and style brought us to the idea of putting together TexGrown. Our vision is to motivate you to be proud of your true self, and inspire you to see yourself differently through fashion.

We aim to empower you to take pride of your own individuality and roots because we believe that confident people can change the world. TexGrown is your family, your home, wishing you to be genuinely happy with yourself – Texas grown, Texas proud.

Show the world who you truly are through shirts that speak of your personality. No more confinement in a box, it’s time to live your most expressive and meaningful life ever; because you are so much more.


Hey! I’m Carmen. Born in Mississippi, but I’m proud to call Texas home. Home is where the heart is, right? Moving in to Dallas, Texas with my small family of 3, 20 years ago, just felt so different. Right there and then, I knew I was finally home.

Home is where you feel that you are connected, and that you are free to be whoever you wanted to be. Home is a family. And like a family, I want you to be happy, confident, fulfilled, and live a more meaningful life through the shirts I create.

Thank you for visiting TexGrown, and welcome to the TexGrown family. Connect with us, I’d love to get in touch with you on social media. I hope you love our shirts and be inspired to be authentically you.

With all my love,